Created in 1945 following the atrocities witnessed in World War Two, the Disarmament and International Security Committee maintains international security and stability. As the First Committee of the United Nations, all 193 members of DISEC play an integral role in maintaining world peace. Ever since its first resolution on the “Establishment of a Commission to Deal with the Problems Raised by the Discovery of Atomic Energy”, DISEC has grown to encompass a plethora of pressing international issues ranging from asymmetric warfare to cybersecurity. Although unable to make binding resolutions, DISEC is able to recommend effective solutions that broaden the limited scope of the UNSC. Unique to DISEC is its entitlement to verbatim records coverage, the only Main Committee of the General Assembly able to do so. Its size and scope make it an invaluable organ of the United Nations, offering multifaceted opinions on far-reaching international issues. The considerations and recommendations that DISEC, as part of the General Assembly, is able to offer, are crucial to the UN.

DISEC offers the traditional model UN experience and is designed for delegates of all levels. Any questions about this committee can be directed to


Dismantling Malicious Non-State Actors

The spectrum-like variation in the constructiveness of organizations has lead to debate on the legitimacy of NSAs. The United Nations along with the slew of humanitarian, environmental, and charitable NGOs/NPOs are all example of beneficial NSAs. Meanwhile, increasingly dangerous groups such as the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban have also been emerging throughout the years. Malicious Non-State Actors are especially threatening due to being decentralized, allowing them to operate anonymously. Their crimes are becoming increasingly common as they are rarely able to be held accountable for their actions. Without stringent repercussions, they have felt freedom to act freely upon their agendas.



Jimmy Ma | Director

Jimmy is honoured to serve as the Director of DISEC at RichMUN 2019 while suffering through eleventh grade at Port Moody Secondary School. Since having his first taste of Model United Nations in his freshman year, he has been captured by the experiences it provides. Jimmy’s opinion of Model United Nations has evolved from the preconceived notion of arguing with strangers for prizes to a haven for debate, meeting like-minded inspired youth, and serving in leadership opportunities. Besides dedicating his time to schoolwork and Model United Nations, Jimmy can be found volunteering for a plethora of organizations, learning the latest K-Pop choreographies or draining his bank account on food. Jimmy is incredibly excited to meet the delegates of RichMUN 2019!

Samantha Chen | Chair

Samantha is currently in her final year of the IB Diploma Programme at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, and when she is not cramming for her upcoming assignments and exams, you may find her working out at the gym, analyzing the meanings behind the lyrics of rap songs, browsing online stores, or binging adorable puppy videos on Instagram. Despite only starting Model UN in early 2018, Samantha has quickly fallen in love with the fundamental ideals of speaking out and discussing varying solutions that unify different perspectives to combat a global issue. Upon participating in Model UN conferences, Samantha has grown to become more confident and vocal, and is extremely excited as well as honoured to be given the opportunity to empower other delegates in finding their true passion for this activity.

Sana Shams | Assistant Director

Sana is a tenth grade student at École Panorama Ridge Secondary, and is thrilled to serve as your Assistant Director in DISEC.  Not long ago, when Sana first entered the world of MUN, she was captivated by the passionate (and at times questionable) debate, innovative resolutions and the strong network of the driven delegates. Having come a long way from her first conference, where she stuttered through a grand total of two speeches, MUN has evolved from a club she was dragged into to a growing passion. Outside of MUN, Sana can be found adding to her archive of math pickup lines, attempting to understand Persian poetry, and juggling various leadership roles around her school and community. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced delegate, Sana promises that RichMUN 2019 will be a memorable experience, and looks forward to the fruitful debate!