This committee is a Future Crisis committee or FCC, where delegates will create the future with their own hands. In this FCC, delegates will deal with a future simulation that might bring the end of the world if not dealt properly. As this is a Crisis Committee, there will be only one block that will debate on a perpetual timeline. Each action taken by the committee will immediately affect all, most, some, or a few delegates, which allows for equal and dynamic involvement. With all of this in mind, the Future Crisis Committee is an advanced committee that will follow standard MUN Rules of Procedure. Like most crisis committees, delegates should not submit their position papers to qualify for awards, all is needed is a bright brain to show off their skills in problem solving, as well as thinking on the spot, as zombie outbreaks may be faster than roller coaster rides, contrary to how slow they move…

This committee is recommended for experienced delegates however beginner delegates are also welcome. Any questions about this committee can be directed to


Zombie Apocalypse

“7 Days to Die” 
Ever since the idea of zombies dated back to the 8th century, the imagery of a lanky dead body slowly digging their hands inside the brain of a captive human has struck the trends of pop culture and media. As bad as it would seem, many nations have completely ignored the multiple theories done by authors and researchers, and they have not done much as they should have to address certain warnings in the past that foreshadowed this conflict, like the deer-zombie-epidemic in 2019. Our topic and pretentious journey embarks at the year 2030 C.E. A spread of a mysterious disease has tainted the waters of an important body of water in Asia, and the country that was geologically in charge of the situation has been inaccurately handling the crisis, making things potentially worse for the international community. Good luck taking care of the world’s life… or first yours.



Director | Rose Oh

Rose Oh is an ambitious IB sophomore at RE Mountain Secondary and ecstatic to serve as the Director of the the Future Crisis Committee. She came from a heavily competitive environment of studying from South Korea in grade 6 and found herself in her first conference a few months later. She was extremely inspired from how Model United Nations allowed her to speak freely to other delegates and gather thoughts to solve an ongoing and difficult issue. Since then, she continued to appreciate the fast-paced discussion, the diplomatic but friendly and funny environment and the opportunities to engage with numerous relations. Outside her MUN life, Rose tries to survive in pre IB, plays basketball, preps for her next debate tournament, or records herself playing her violin repertoire only to delete the recording after hearing herself play the wrong notes. Rose hopes to meet her delegates soon and make the day an unforgettable experience for many.

Chair | Dina Zeng

Currently enrolled in the IB Diploma Programme at Semiahmoo Secondary School, Dina Zeng is excited to enRICH your experience at RichMUN 2019 as the Chair of FCC. Ever since joining MUN in her first year of high school, Dina has transformed from a shy, nervous grade 8 to an outspoken and confident grade 11. MUN has always served as an outlet for Dina, allowing her to actively develop her public speaking skills and rant about the current global issue. Outside of MUN you can find Dina procrastinating on all of her homework and studies, cursing herself for not doing her homework earlier, napping during class (or anywhere tbh), or working at A&W. Dina believes that MUN is a truly valuable experience and welcomes all delegates— beginner or veteran—to RichMUN 2019!

Chair | Serena Chen

Serena is currently a Grade 11 student at Crofton House School and is ecstatic to be serving as one of the chairs of the Future Crisis Committee at RichMUN 2019. After starting her Model UN journey in Grade 9, Serena has attended numerous conferences and grown to love the vivid debates and intricate resolutions. In her free time, Serena spends the majority of the time browsing Facebook for new places to visit in Vancouver, or rewatching episodes of Brooklyn 99 and Lucifer. Serena is excited to see all of the creative ideas that delegates will craft in FCC and looks forward to a lively day of debate!