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RichMUN 2019 Secretariat Hired Term:

August 2018 – May 2019 (inclusive)

About RichMUN:

RichMUN is a day conference based in Richmond, BC, designed to serve as a leadership curriculum for  Secretariat members. We believe that taking care of our Secretariat and providing meaningful skills development opportunities is the foundation to a fun, engaging, and intellectually stimulating conference. Secretariat are expected to recreate this value towards their staff.

Furthermore, we embrace the position as more than a name on a resume. Specifically, your involvement will be a valuable learning opportunity to develop skills, beyond what would be otherwise possible through high-school opportunities. Other organizations may pre-establish plans, hiring Secretariat as workers, and leaving them without valuable understanding or development opportunities. Alternatively, they may provide creative liberty, with little training or mentor-ship, resulting in a lack of guidance and direction.

To pursue a meaningful experience, RichMUN secretariat will be involved in, and supported through, every aspect of the conference. Starting with involvement in orientation and training – the first of their kind in the Vancouver MUN scene. (see more details below) Furthermore, the smaller team size reflects our values of streamlining for optimal effectiveness and efficiency. A small team size, while requiring more individual initiative and involvement, will allow you to operate within a broader range of responsibilities. This in turn, creating more opportunities to understand and experience the conference components.


Job Requirements:

  • Be available on weekends from September 20th, to November 18, 2018, for interviews, orientation, and training sessions.
  • Maintains an open-minded, supportive, and respectful attitude
  • Communicates and collaborates efficiently and effectively
  • Contributes meaningfully to a positive work environment
  • Maintains strong academic standing through hired term (above 80%), with possible exceptions
  • Has demonstrated organization and leadership skills

What to Expect as a Secretariat

  • Working within an agile 4 secretariat team, with a focus on communication and adaptability
  • A work environment that is supportive and interested in your personal skills development.
  • Average time estimate: 5 hours a week (up to 10 during month of Secretariat training)
  • Work distribution estimate: 1/3rd designing/planning, 1/3rd execution, and 1/3rd editing work/improving plans.
  • Training sessions over 5 consecutive weekends from approximately October 20th, to November 18th.


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