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Hired Term: Summer – May 2020 (inclusive)
Deadline: TBA (Extended)

About RichMUN:

Designed to serve as a leadership curriculum for Secretariat members, RichMUN is a MUN day conference based in Richmond, BC. We believe that providing meaningful skills development opportunities is the foundation to a fun, engaging, and intellectually stimulating conference. Just as the board of Directors provides such opportunities for the Secretariat, they are in-turn expected to work towards providing such an experience for their staff.
We embrace the Secretariat position as more than a name on a resume. Specifically, your involvement is a valuable learning opportunity to develop skills, beyond what would be otherwise possible through high-school opportunities. Other organizations may pre-establish plans, hiring Secretariat primarily as workers – an act that deprives the opportunity for valuable understanding or development. Alternatively, they may have minimal or non-existent support, resulting in a chaotic experience due to a lack of guidance and direction.
Unlike other conferences, RichMUN secretariat will be involved in, and supported through, every aspect of the conference – while respecting their creative vision and autonomy. It all starts with their involvement in orientation and training – the first of their kind in the Vancouver MUN scene. (see more details below) Furthermore, the small team size reflects our values of streamlining our process for effectiveness and efficiency. A small team size, while requiring more individual initiative and involvement, will allow you to operate within a broader range of responsibilities. In turn, creating more opportunities to understand and experience the conference components.
The nature of a day conference allows for a manageable work load, unlike in overnight conferences, where such a structure would put stress under a small team. We feel adamant that a team any larger would deprive individuals of development opportunities – a core focus of our Secretariat experience. 

Deadline: June 30th


About the Secretariat position

Job Requirements:

  • Available on weekends from September 20th to November 18th, 2018, for interviews, orientation, and training sessions.
  • Maintains an open-minded, supportive, and respectful attitude.
  • Communicates and collaborates efficiently and effectively within a team.
  • Contributes meaningfully to a positive and productive work environment.
  • Maintains strong academic standing through hired term (above 80%), with possible exceptions
  • Has demonstrated organization and leadership skills

What to expecT

  • Working within an agile 4 secretariat team, with a focus on communication and adaptability.
  • A work environment that is supportive and interested in your personal skills development.
  • Average time estimate: 5 hours a week (potentially more during Secretariat training)
  • Work distribution estimate: 1/3rd designing/planning, 1/3rd execution, and 1/3rd editing work/improving plans.
  • Training sessions over 3-5 consecutive weekends from approximately October 20th, to November 18th.

About the hiring process

Don’t feel overwhelmed!

As a high school student you may or may not be familiar with a hiring process beyond the absolute basics. Furthermore, we recognize that as a student, you likely haven’t had as much time to develop skills and gain experiences.
That’s why we dedicate our time and effort into evaluating your skills, and contextual knowledge you can bring to the table.

It’s a conversation ABOUT YOU

Help us assess you accurately and fairly by:
  1. Tell us about your transferable skills: Being a secretariat involves a set of skills that can be developed through various involvement outside of Model UN. If you have organized events in student council, managed a club, or tutored younger students, chances are you’ve developed some skills and obtained knowledge that can be beneficial to this Secretariat position.
  2. Avoid empty statements: While you may be tempted to use statements such as, “I have strong leadership/communication/teamwork skills”, this alone doesn’t tell us anything meaningful about you. We want to know what you did, why you did it, what effect it had, and how you think this experience/skill can help you as a secretariat.

Submiting your Application

  1. Review our application guides

  2. Prepare your Resume and Cover letter

  3. Fill out the application form

  4. Attach your Resume and Cover letter as directed

Waiting on your Application?

Applicants should hear back from us within 2 weeks of the final deadline (early October). If you’re shortlisted, we may request further information by a deadline before scheduling an interview with you. Until then, it may beneift you to review our interview information and tips provided.
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