Mike Zhang

Mike is currently a sophomore student at Fraser Heights Secondary School and is thrilled to serve on the Secretariat team of RichMUN 2019. Ever since timidly raising his placard at his first conference in Grade 9, Mike has been entrapped by the professional nature of Model United Nations. After attending numerous conferences, he has created amazing friendships, broadened his view on global issues and discovered the world of fast-paced debate and diplomacy. Outside of MUN, he can be found hitting balls on the golf course, jump-smashing on the badminton court, scaling his businesses. Mike hopes to make RichMUN 2019 a great and memorable experience filled with insightful debate for all delegates!

Kaylee Lee

A senior from Fraser Heights Secondary, Kaylee is thrilled to to serve as the Secretariat of RichMUN 2019. Ever since her first introduction to the Model UN experience in grade 10, like many others, she was deeply captivated by the intensity and depth of debate. Since then, she has been trying to savour each and every moment of all of the conferences she attends. Outside of conferences, Kaylee can be found spending time with her friends, crying over biology and scrolling through facebook for countless of hours. Kaylee is thrilled to meet all delegates and hopes to make a great experience for everyone!

Sarah Lim

Sarah is currently a junior at McMath Secondary School and is ecstatic to serve on the RichMUN 2019 Secretariat team. Having just recently been introduced to the world of MUN, Sarah was instantly captivated by the  diplomatic debates, fiery discussions and the supportive community of passionate individuals who dedicate themselves to solving international issues. Outside of planning the 2019 RichMUN conference, Sarah can be found stressing over memorizing her piano repertoire, attempting to take artsy physics notes or trying out new dessert cafes with her friends. Sarah looks forward to meeting all of RichMUN 2019’s delegates and hopes that this year’s conference is an unforgettable experience for many.