The United Nations Human Rights Council works to promote and protect human rights around the world, specifically dealing with issues regarding freedom of expression, freedom of belief and religion, and the rights of women. With 47 members, selected each year by the UN General Assembly, UNHRC is one of the most extensive UN organizations. The UNHRC’s objectives are: (1) to ensure international standards of protection are met for all persons of concern; (2) to establish effective partnerships and frameworks to protect persons internally displaced; (3) to strengthen UNHRC as an effective, responsive and respected humanitarian agency.

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Protection of Humanitarian Workers in Areas of Conflict

Over the years, there have been many medic groups working to provide medical aid to soldiers regardless of political or national affiliation. Despite being a sign of neutrality, the number of attacks on humanitarian workers has continued to increase. The death of these humanitarian workers not only greatly devastates many, but it also prevents them from helping those who need them the most. If action is not taken regarding this violence, more civilians will be relegated further from the aid they need to survive. 



Director | Jasmine Lin

Jasmine is currently a junior attending Crofton House School and is delighted to be serving as the director of UNHRC. Ever since she attended her first conference in Grade 8, Jasmine has developed a passion for international affairs and global issues. Along the way, she has made countless friendships and memories that will become a significant milestone in her high school career. When not immersed in the world of MUN, she can be found starting yet another new show on Netflix or satisfying her multiple cravings at restaurants all around Vancouver. Jasmine looks forward to meeting all delegates and hopes to help make it an enjoyable experience!

Brendon Huang | Chair

Brendon is a junior at Fraser Heights Secondary School and is honoured to chair UNHRC at RichMUN 2019. Brendon began participating in MUN conferences in grade 8 and has since fallen in love with international diplomacy. He has a passion for creative collaboration and Model UN overall. Brendon has been inspired by the meaningful and sophisticated ideas presented by delegates during the committee sessions. Through MUN, Brendon has developed meaningful friendships and a particular set of skills that he is proud of. Outside of MUN, you can catch Brendon working out, procrastinating on his homework, hanging out with friends, and volunteering in the community. Brendon wishes all delegates the best of luck and looks forward to meeting all of the delegates attending RichMUN 2019!

Evian Yang | Assistant Director

Evian is a junior attending Steveston-London Secondary School and is delighted to serve as your assistant director of the United Nations Human Rights Council. To her, MUN provides not only fruitful debates but also opportunities to meet talented individuals and improve personal skills. She cherishes the MUN experiences and is determined to achieve more in her second year of MUN. When not participating in MUN or telling her friends about MUN, Evian can usually be found doing work for multiple school clubs, watching anime and other Asian shows, and attempting to take aesthetic study notes. Evian welcomes everyone into the committee and looks forward to witnessing intriguing debates at RichMUN 2019!