The World Health Organisation is a specialized agency of the United Nations which was established in 1948. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, and comprised of 193 Member States, the WHO deals with affairs concerning international public health on a broad mandate. Defined as “the directing and coordinating authority on international health work,” the responsibility of the committee is to ameliorate the quality of people’s lives, reduce the burdens of disease and poverty, and to provide general access to health care for everyone. The WHO today remains a firm leader in global health, possessing global influence, incomparable expertise, and its normative powers.

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Anti-microbial Resistance

The subject of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) is a growing issue imposed on global health in our world today. Caused by improper use of antibiotics, pathogens, such as bacteria, have the possibility of developing resistance against certain drugs, posing a threat to not only antibiotic users, but the general population as a whole. As these drugs become more available in the status quo, the common antibiotics which patients rely on further add on to the problem of AMR. If no further action in taken against this global crisis, antibiotics will drastically lose their effectiveness against certain ailments, presenting many issues regarding global health, paving the way for multi-faceted debate on a highly relevant issue.



Director | Daniel Gao

Daniel is a grade 10 student at St. George’s school and has the distinct pleasure of staffing at RichMUN 2019. Ever since attending his first conference and not daring to speak a word, the very thought day conferences has since occupied a special place at the bottom of Daniel’s heart. Going into his second year of Model UN as a sophomore, the never-ending debate and exhilarating speeches have become all the more alluring. Aside from MUN, Daniel can be seen savoring “dead” memes, finishing schoolwork, or browsing WikiHow for advice. With the distinct pleasure of serving as the director of WHO at RichMUN 2019, Daniel welcomes both experienced and beginner delegates while looking forward to a brimming day of exhilaration and excitement.

Chair | Annie Yang

Annie is a sophomore currently attending Mulgrave School and is delighted to be serving as the Chair of World Health Organization at Richmond Model United Nations 2019. After attending her first conference in October 2017, she was instantly enthralled in the world of diplomatic debate and international relations. Outside of committee session, you can find Annie listening to Greek and Roman Mythology podcasts, binging Netflix comedies, debating her political stance, and attending a multitude of concerts. Annie looks forward to meeting everyone and is ecstatic to serve as your chair for World Health Organization.

Assistant Director | Michelle Kim

A junior at Crofton House School, Michelle is beyond thrilled to serve as Assistant Director of the World Health Organization at RichMUN 2019. Since her first conference, Michelle has been sucked into the world of rapid-fire debate and over-caffeination. Outside of MUN conferences, Michelle can be found making unnecessary purchases with borrowed money and binging Netflix. Michelle sincerely wishes to create an inclusive and enjoyable Model United Nations conference for all delegates.