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Model UN like never before

We are a non-profit community, focused on providing engaging and meaningful experiences for our delegates. Historically hosted in April, with 4 committees, we provide a condensed Model UN experience that focuses on the best of Model UN – enlightening discussions, heated debates, and an amazing community.

To develop this experience, we actively seek out innovative solutions - this year, we’re introducing a whole new kind of Secretariat training to set the foundation for a brand new RichMUN experience.

Interested in joining our Secretariat?

We believe that taking care of our Secretariat and providing meaningful skill development opportunities is the foundation to a fun, engaging, and intellectually stimulating Model UN experience.

As a Secretariat, your position is more than just a name on your resume. Specifically, your involvement is designed to be a valuable learning opportunity to develop skills and experiences beyond what would normally be accessible.

To pursue a meaningful experience, RichMUN secretariat will be involved in, and supported through, every aspect of the conference. Starting with involvement in orientation and training - the first of their kind in the Vancouver MUN scene.

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Leadership skills
A great leader needs to support, inspire, and bring the best out of their peers. By expanding your understanding of team dynamics, we can help you get closer to your best self.
Event planning
We don't use a cookie cutter; With us, you will gain a complete understanding of all elements involved in planning a successful conference through active mentor-ship and support.
Prepare for any future career, by learning a variety of information technology management: from website and web-app management, to the basics of design and development.
We can help you learn more about self-management skills and develop the techniques you need to be successful as you progress through your education and career.

Our Philosophy


Our training operates on the philosophy that teaching, training, and supporting others are the pillars of a quality Secretariat, staff, and delegate experience.

By enabling everyone to learn and become better than they were, we believe we are providing a MUN experience better than ever before - and it all starts with the Secretariat.