Model UN like never before

We’re focused on providing engaging and meaningful experiences for our delegates. Historically hosted in April, with 4 committees, we offer a compact Model UN experience that focuses on the best of Model UN – enlightening discussions, heated debates, and an amazing community.
This year, we’re evolving our Secretariat training to set the foundation for a new RichMUN experience.

Interested in joining our Secretariat?

The secretariat experience is designed to develop skills and experiences beyond what would normally be accessible.
To pursue a meaningful experience, RichMUN secretariat will be involved in and supported through, every aspect of the conference. Starting with involvement in orientation and training – the first of their kind in the Vancouver MUN scene.
Position overview

What to Expect as a Secretariat

  • Working within an agile 4 secretariat team, with a focus on communication and adaptability
  • A work environment that is supportive and interested in your personal skills development.
  • Average time estimate: 5 hours a week (potentially more during Secretariat training)
  • Work distribution estimate: 1/3rd designing/planning, 1/3rd execution, and 1/3rd editing work/improving plans.
  • Training sessions over 3-5 consecutive weekends from approximately October 20th, to November 18th.
Our Philosophy


<h5class=”thin-font”>By enabling everyone to learn and become better than they were, we believe we are providing a MUN experience better than ever before – and it all starts with the Secretariat training.


<h5class=”thin-font”>To make the best of each individual’s skills, we believe in allowing our team to choose their own goals and have the support to see it through – even if that means a potential for failure.


<h5class=”thin-font”>No Secretariat, Staff, or Delegate should feel irrelevant. Everyone has a purpose and their own value to give, and we make sure to recognize it.

Training summary

Why do we need it?

<h5class=”thin-font”>Our training operates on the philosophy that teaching, training, and supporting others are the pillars of a quality Secretariat, staff, and delegate experience.

<h5class=”thin-font”>By enabling everyone to learn and become better than they were, we believe we are providing a MUN experience better than ever before – and it all starts with the Secretariat.

What’s in the training?

<h5class=”thin-font”>Training will involve lessons learned from past secretariat/Secretary General, as well as university business and management courses – giving you the tools to develop and expand your potential. The training modules are designed to assist your pursuit of your personal professional goals.


A great leader needs to support, inspire, and bring the best out of their peers. By expanding your understanding of team dynamics, we can help you get closer to your best self.

> Become your best self.


You will develop a holistic understanding of elements involved in planning a successful conference as you implement a range of professional project management and planning techniques.

> Make executive decisions that count. 


Prepare for any future career, by learning a variety of transferable skills across information technology and entrepreneurship. Dabble in website and web-app management, to the basics of design and development.

> This is more than a name on a resume.


Join a community of MUNers who can help you develop the techniques you need to be successful through your education and career – including past secretariat / university students.

> Join the community.